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Our Service Including: Normal Massage, All Kinds Erotic Sensual Massage and Escort Service and Full Sex Service

Our Service Type: Incall or Outcall or Double Girl. Sub slave girl experience and BDSM Fetish

Our Service Area: Shanghai Luxury Hotels and Residence

Our Service Rates: Good Girl need a high price

Our Girls: Young Shanghai office Lady. models and college students. and ukrain and englian girls more girls are coming.

Sensual ShanghaiTantric Massage

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Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage is one-of-a-kind visiting massage service agency in Shanghai We aim at providing you the Finest Sensual Massage in Shanghai(Including Tantric Massage, Erotic Massage,Lingam Massage, Nuru Massage, Naked Body 2 Body Massage, 4 hands Massage and Many More….) that can attune your senses and take you on a roller-coaster ride that never seems to end. We cater to not only discerning men, but women and couples too.

Sensual Shanghaiis an agency that exclusively provide outcall services and are available at your beck and call 24×7. Our divas, who serve as Shanghaimassage therapists are well qualified and trained to conduct massages of your choice.

ShanghaiSensual Tantric Massage present An Experience Beyond What Is Perceivable A New Horizon In The Art of Sensual Stimulations Of all Senses The Texture of Mystic Chinese Goddess Expand Your Realm of Sensuality & Intimacy, by Xtraodinary talent Of Meticulously Picked & Professionally Trained Masseuses Of Oriental Beauty

The Craft of Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage

Sensual Tantric Massage Shanghairepresents a fresh take on Sensuality and Intimacy, delivered with the Xtraodinary talent of Masseuses, meticulously picked among the best bench in the field for their unrivalled oriental beauty and natural passion to serve , a uniquely original concept founded solely on the highest standards of refinement and sophistication, conceived around the Paradigm of receiving sensual delights, a paramount sensual enjoyment of stark difference from and vastly superior to the hurried monotony of those commercially rehearsed escort routines.

Created around the sole principle of having Shanghai's most satisfying exotic massages performed by Shanghai's most stunningly beautiful masseuse in the nude, The ShanghaiSensual Tantric Massage represents the apogee of all sensual massage experiences, certain to enthrall even the most selective of epicurean.

A regal moment unlike any other encountered so far, Sensual Tantric Massage Shanghaitakes the innovative step of emphasizing complete and multiple sensory surrenders and intimate indulgence, complemented by excellent hospitality and unique GFE approach, to provide the ultimate mind-shattering experience, redefining in the process the notion of Sensual Pleasure, for you to discover, marvel at, and delight in.

Ultimate Sensual Savoury

Having secured an enviable reputation as the the most talked-about stress-relieving exotic oriental massage, Sensual Tantric Massage Shanghaicontinuously strives for excellence in providing a magnificent level of sophisticated, discreet, reliable service to complement the most satisfying massage experience available for your time.

Dedicated to offering a selected range of refined services for your greatest fulfilment, Sensual Tantric Massage Shanghai stands at the pinnacle of Sensual Luxury with an unwavering commitment to quality and hospitality, an obsession for perfection, a meticulous attention to details and a relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction; a few of the differences our ecstatic Clients have come to expect, experience and appreciate.

he Art of Sensual Stimulations

Originally introduced as the definitive sensual, tantric, exotic massage experience by Sensual Tantric Massage Shanghai , The Paradigm of multiple sensory stimulation is now the essence behind every massage in our expanded Collection, each, from The Naturist to Nuru .to Wild , deliciously conceived and designed to lure you into a new unexplored universe of blissful intensity and intimacy.

A mind-blowing gateway to amazing new sensations in the shape of a delectable Full-Nudity creation, blending delicate Western caresses, electrifying Oreintal body moves, and the subtle naturist intimacy of Tantra, every treatment in the Collection is exclusively created to seamlessly blend bespoke stress-relief with intense full-body bliss for your ultimate unfettered stress-melting satisfaction.

Naturist Shanghai Tantric Massage

The quintessential embodiment of Shanghai tantric hospitality as well as your first foray into a dazzling dimension of eye-popping sensory enjoyment, the Classic Naturist Bliss is devotedly prized by the most discerning patrons as the definitive reference of all sensual, naturist massages.

Evocative of a rare Petrus demanding to be delicately savoured, richly rewarding senses with an exquisite bouquet and luxurious texture, luxuriating crescendo of tactile indulgence as silky touches glide delicately across, her seductively curvy silhouette slowly moving towards yours, skilful and playfully acknowledging every exposed square-inch of your eagerly quivering body, irresistibly drawing you into a state of trance and yet heightened bliss for an unforgettable time-stopping experience.

Embraced by advanced sensual naturist massage aficionados as the uncontested reference for all four-hand sensual massage, it brilliantly set s a new benchmark for visual inspiration, tactile stimulation and complete stress-melting satisfaction.

A mesmerizing sequence of extraordinary body moves featuring two perfectly naked Shanghai tantic masseuses, talented in innovative pleasure-control techniques unique to the Tandem Naturist Bliss module, Shanghai tantric has crafted this outrageously provocative four-hand extravagance to dazzle you to the farthest edge of heavenly consciousness. A magnificent duo carefully teamed to visually complement each other, slowly moving to the rhythm of your breath, focused jointly on your sole sensual satisfaction, expertly controlling your state of blissful relaxation while deliberately continuing their unashamed performance.

Wild Shanghai Tantric Massage

Undoubtedly the “Bad Girl” of the Shanghai Tantric treatment collection, flirting mischievously with unabashed deliberate confidence, the Shanghai tantric is truly a landmark offering from Shanghai tantric Massage’s trademark repertoire. Cheekily seasoning a sensual experience with a kinky twist, riding the elusive line between sensual paradise and delicious agony, the Shanghai tantric is cunningly crafted to further expand the boundaries of your blissful adventure.

All about unreserved libidinal indulgence mixed with her uninhibited sensory display, The Shanghai tantric excitingly promises unconditional sensual abandon seamlessly blended with delicious feminine submissiveness of the orient purported to entice your darkest desire. As you listen to your never-ending woos upon her unashamed advances, her arms and legs lay in voluptuous abandon, glistened with pearls of honeydew sweat, flowing like a lava upon releasing, against a background of allelujiah singing, the exquisite S.I.X. masseuse will ruthlessly escalate her infinite feline charm, tempting you to the very very end of your epicurean tolerance. All her delirious pleasure is yours, adoring like a shrine, even though its so exhausting…

Nuru Shanghai Tantric Massage

This body-to-body module is designed to challenge extremities of all senses, with a view to lead you to the realm of paramount ecstasy, each lustful slide and loving caress has been meticulously choreographed to entice your libidinal palate. With her tantalizing flesh glides by, all you care is the detailed curve of every valley and mountain of her body, bathing in a sweet glaze of honey Nuru, longing to be explored, longing to be embraced, unconditionally letting your six senses tease the fiery flesh, realizing the universe’ most beautiful humps and bumps. As you submit your body to da adventure, and delve into her contour of quaint, that smells like a sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee, so inviting like its smoke’s flare floating in the air soothing under your smell, that you surrender yourself under her spell. Nuru Shanghai tantric is unquestionably a temptation to bite, to nibble, but not for the fainthearted.

All rates inclusive of tip and travelling costs within down town, metro areas of Shanghai. Other areas, late night or rush appointment are subject to a travelling surcharge. Please rest assured Shanghai tantric masseuse would never solicit any additional tip. There is no hidden cost whatsoever.

Tandem Nuru For the uncompromising you, take the challenge of Tandem Nuru, for simultaneous stimulations of multiple erogenous zones and most wanted areas, generated by the blistering succession of seductive bodywork by 2 irresistible Shanghai tantric masseuses sliding in perfect synchronicity, constantly delighting and maddening you with sizzling physical, adrenal and mental impacts.

Body-to-body Nuru Massage Shanghai Version

Body-to-body massage may take place in nuru massage parlour, or a Japanese-style massage parlour, where therapies and treatment of sensual nature may be allowed. Law of states that “… sensual therapy with a licensed therapist in exchange for payment …” is allowed, and there are many technical and legal loopholes which also allow sensual massage treatment of more explicit nature that do not conform to this definition to take place, especially for treatment to take place in a private premises, such as in a hotel room or private residence.

For the exhausted you, who has been working hard all day, a trip to a nuru massage parlour provides thrilling erotic body-to-body massage and a chance to feel loved all over – and clean! What man would not feel excited by the sight of a beautiful nuru massage lady walking towards him, with the promise of soapy, sexy times glinting in her eyes.

She will have a pleasing light-hearted personality and she will be so pleased to see you. She will want you to get naked straight away, because that is when your special soaplands lady will go to work on you, first applying a fragrant soapy oil to her slim naked body and then ….

Wait,let’s describe her a little bit more … she has luxurious long dark hair which runs down her slim yet curvy body, flowing over her shoulders and delightful pointed breasts; she moves her hair back and you see a pert, pretty breast with a dark sexily aroused nipple. Her waistline curves around a smooth stomach, which flows down to her daintily trimmed pubic hair, lining her lower stomach like a lovely little curtain which you can thrust through to reveal the pink lips of her vagina. She smiles a welcome, as you gaze at her trim, slender legs and the delta, the point at which they join together.

What is she doing now? Yes she is applying an exotic Nuru gel to her body and she is looking at you indicating she would like you to come closer so that she can use her lovely naked body, onto which she has just rubbed a slippery oil, to smear and slide this exotic gel over you too – all over every inch of you while performing the body-to-body massage.

What a thrilling feeling it is as you become aware of this all woman body-to-body masseuse sliding and stroking against you in a sensual sweeping motions. She moves her body like a beautiful serpent, oozing and gliding over your back your legs and then your chest and thighs. Your feel her sumptuous chest and her budbbly cherries caressing you; her velvety triangle presses gently and moves and scrapes against your stomach, then lower to grind softly into your under. All the time she is moving, slipping, sliding, gliding and rubbing her body against yours, naked and smooth, and so erotic that you lose all awareness except the awareness of deep pleasure.

The process of body-to-body massage makes you feel surrounded by joy and relaxation and you feel drowsy and almost hypnotised by its dreamy sensuality. MMmmm; you release sighs of sexy contentment. How wonderful is body-to-body massage, a massage like no other anywhere in the world. It really is an ancient art of pleasure and relaxation.

As you lie back comfortably, on an air-filled bed, your beautiful masseuse cleans the oil from your body or you may shower together. You know that you will return to the nirvana tomorrow night again, maybe even day after tomorrow, to find your intriguing body-to-body massage girl and be bathed again in such a special way.

Foreign men and women are welcome in many nuru massage parlours, though English may not always be spoken at these clubs. Then again, is spoken language really needed when a few graceful gestures will let you know that you are about to enjoy such a pleasurable experience.

After all most male visitors know exactly what is going to happen when they enter a nuru massage parlour and they are there to have fun, let go and take some very special, private memories back home with them.

Why You Should Get A Happy Ending Massage From Us

Massage is the best form of art that we use to wash away the dirt of everyday life. We live in an over-stressed society that doesn’t understand the need to be aware of the mind and body connection. By taking a happy-ending massage in Shanghai with us, free yourself to clarity, a boost of confidence, and cultivate a sense of self-worth. Outside our bodies, challenges narrow their evil stare and turn on our very essence. Our only

reward is tight muscles that shoulder a harsh truth about reality as we know it. Facts don’t lie. However, we can choose to chart our own destiny that soothes our aching muscles.

Imagine for a moment lying on a sunny beach in the Bahamas. The warm sun stroking away at your body. You can gradually feel your skin respond by coming to life. Our happy-ending massage does just that. Allowing yourself to be touched by our lustful masseuses is a profound experience. Like a newborn who feels the touch of her mother for the very first time, she offers a touch that makes you feel present. Present in her soft touch, and sultry care for your well-being. It goes beyond the surface of your skin in a traditional Thai fashion.

Giving touch is nurturing and shows our availability to support your every need. Going without it is such a destructive force in nature. To touch is to come alive and bring to life as well. Isolating all the negative vibes in a single session of wild and sensational touch is her art. Some people call it a necessary restoration of the soul and I couldn’t agree more. Heavenly aromas subtly waft in the air and it’s a euphoric escape. You lay your frame on the sheeted spa cot barely able to think straight. It’s like being in another dimension where you never want to leave.

The time we have here is so precious. So, have no apology for choosing to live a little. We love giving pleasure to those who seek it and embrace it in all forms. Striping away any twisted and manipulative pain that your body communicates to us. It’s important to understand that such a release is only one piece of the puzzle that will get you to that calming place in life. In between the sighs, loud moans, and her smiling eyes, a new-found freedom awaits on the other side. Choose to love your body with our happy-ending massage and discover the innumerable ways it will love you back.

The Tender Nipples Slide On Your Face

She lays you on your back to explore your neck and nape. The soft tantric music from her stereo sends you to a far off world. A nightfall that fills your body with anticipation and longing. She starts to knead your shoulders extending over your collarbone and down your arms.

tender nippleShe is building up your desire. Her arms go over your back bringing her tits to slowly glaze over your back muscles, you cringe. She adds pressure to her arms as the tantric music moves from the pulpy to the slightly jerky and tense rendition of an erotic romance song.She lets her arms fall over your butt, pressing it ever so tightly and then cups your balls in her arms. She tenderly feels them as though she is testing the smoothness of sand in her fingers. You grasp more tensely on the cushions. She plays with them gently ignoring you as you push your body back to put more of your manhood into her arms.

She lets them off and continues to massage your inner thighs, examining the moles on your skin. Slowly, tenderly, skillfully, she works on your body as though looking for some minute spot. She plays down your thighs to your knees then slowly works her way up your thighs again as the music settles to a constant danceable blur. The raunchy beats and mixes seeps into you.

She presses against the furrow of your ass lets her arms slip, as they get a hold of your erection. The playful moments last long as she massages your erection at the root while watching your reaction. She has mastered your pleasure spots. The aroma in the room is another worldly fusion of mystical scents and incarnate fragrances made from desert plains and Shanghai’s massage wicks.

With her own rhythm and purpose she creates in you an endless anticipation and longing pushing you to understand your body ever more deeply. You can’t help but reach out to massage those tender nipples. She lets you do it. You pull her close till you can hear her breathe. You watch her chest rise and fall as she heaves under the relentless squeeze of your arms on those sable brown nipples.

She sinks her arms in your midriff to get a hold of your erection and cups it into her small hand. She presses it gently joining you into her sweet erotic dance. You feel the need for a release, you squeeze harder at the nipples then lest go as you stretch back on the bed. She continues to gently massage your erection. You can feel her soft knuckles in your inner thighs as you lay back your head and stare at the decorated ceiling above.

The humming engines of the Shanghai traffic is a faint noise far off in the horizon as she guides you into a momentary restraint. You can fill blood gush into your erection. She presses her knees into your thighs making you pat them and leans directly above your body. Her presence makes you lust as she guides you into a release.

Her beauty Leaves Memories

There is this saloon in downtown, which is famous for its services. One such service is Sensual Massage. Customers who visit the place have one thing in common, they keeping going back for the services. Their services are excellent with keen attention to detail. Out of all these factors, there is one outstanding thing about the place, an Shanghai lady who works as a therapist at the place.

Her beauty, her eyes were dark and shiny. She was the type that probably fell directly from heaven. She was slender and slightly tall, a model body you could say. She had long kohl- dark hair falling down her neck, which she liked to play with. She had a round face, a sharp elegant nose and a flawless skin. One who has met her would have said that she had dazzling eyes with pencil-thin eyelashes and beetle’s leg eyebrows. Her luminous white teeth lit the entire place whenever she opened her oxbow lips to smile. She had a soft soothing voice, which worked wonders on the massage I received. It sent an electric nerve on my body.

She is a nude therapist, I do agree with most clients that she has a round posterior and a small decanter waist. She is a polite charming beauty. Her nails are Venus-red. Her breasts were steady and round. She equally had a sharp neck and a small head balancing on it. Her feminine body is a masterpiece of creation. She must be tender and soft even from the looks.

Then comes the way she handles her clients, she is a symbol of relaxation, she presses gently and with a lot of care. She makes one to be totally comfortable before she begins her pleasurable torture on a client’s body. She is a master of her art, from the point of applying the cream to the way she rolls her hands slowly on the back.

She is in control of her clients; it is a rare opportunity which each client craves. She totally gets one hooked. A feeling of being at home, where everybody desires to be. A moment one hardly forgets, it is as if each session is custom designed and figured out for each client. I must say she is delightfully amazing.

Other than her physical attributes she is a composed woman; she is calm and collected. She equally must be sincere. Her joyous personality perfectly matches her beauty. She is a blessed creature of Gods work, intelligent in her own right, gorgeous, charming and stunning magnificent if one can sum it up.

It is such a wonderful experience that most clients get in the company of this lady. She could be the highest investment this saloon might have made so far, it is a reaction of mixed emotions when one leaves the place. There is obviously a feeling of emptiness as one leaves but equally a relaxing thought that one will come back for the more tantalizing experience. As long as she remains at this place, certainly more and more clients will continue filling the place for a share of their own story.

Shanghai Sensual Tantric Rates

Rates all-inclusive. Tip NOT expected.

Naturist Shanghai Tantric

60mins…………………RMB 1,200

90mins…………………RMB 1,600

120mins………………RMB 2,000

Tandem Shanghai Tantric

60mins…………………RMB 2,200

90mins…………………RMB 3,000

120mins………………RMB 3,800

Nuru Shanghai Tantric

60mins…………………RMB 1,600

90mins…………………RMB 2,200

120mins………………RMB 2,800

Tandem Nuru

60mins…………………RMB 3,000

90mins…………………RMB 4,000

120mins………………RMB 5,000

Wild Shanghai Tantric

90mins…………………RMB 3,200

120mins………………RMB 3,900

The above service rates are all-inclusive and tip is NOT expected. There is no travelling surcharge if your location is within down town, metro areas of Shanghai. Other areas, late night or rush appointment are subject to a travelling surcharge.

Please rest assured Shanghai tantric masseuse would never solicit any additional tip. There is no hidden cost whatsoever.

Terms of Enjoyment

Required Information

HOTEL – Please provide your Last name, Hotel name and room number

RESIDENCE – Please provide your name, full address details and landline (required for security)

All personal details are, without exception, handled discreetly, securely and confidentially, never shared with third-parties. Unless specifically requested, you data will be destroyed after service ended


For your benefit, please read these Terms carefully. By booking a Shanghai tantric Massage, you fully understand, agree with and accept to abide by Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage terms as stated below:

Have the exact fee ready when the masseuse arrives.

Be free from the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Respectful, gentle-like touching of the masseuse is welcome. However please refrain from rough kneading, pinching, picking or any act of rudeness.

Respect the masseuse’ boundaries at all times.

Have excellent hygiene – be 100% clean. Wash thoroughly shortly prior to the masseuse’ arrival paying extra attention to your most intimate areas.

Set the room temperature warmer for your comfort.

Allow the masseuse to shower before leaving and provide a clean towel. If such are not available, please inform us when arranging an appointment.

Cancellations/postponements within one hour of your confirmed booking time will incur a RMB 300 fee (add RMB 200 for bookings from the airport )

Cancellations within the first 10 minutes of the masseuse’ arrival will incur a RMB 300 fee(add RMB 200 for bookings from the airport )

Cancellations past the first 10 minutes after the masseuse’ arrival will incur the full massage fee as agreed upon at the time of booking confirmation.

Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage g reserves the right at all times to refuse any Client whose intent, behavior and appearance are not consistent with our views and policies.

Misbehavior seriously breaching the agreed Terms will result in an immediate termination of services. The above Terms apply equally and unconditionally to ALL Clients.

Client code of conduct

Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage takes great pride in providing our esteemed Clients with the highest quality, mind-blowing naturist massages performed by gorgeous, eye-popping masseuses. To further enhance your Experience and for your added benefit, we kindly ask you observe the following Client Code of Conduct during a Shanghai tantric Massage:

Respectful, Gentleman-like touching of the masseuse is welcome. However, client must refrain from rough kneading, pinching, picking, or any act of rudeness.

Always respect the masseuse personal boundaries.

Shanghai tantric Masseuses are dedicated, highly trained career professionals. They are NOT ESCORTS, nor do they provide any sexual services. We ask ALL CLIENTS to respect their professional pride and refrain from soliciting or asking for extra services.

Every Shanghai Massage is designed to be an extremely intimate experience. As such, please be mindful of personal and intimate hygiene, washing thoroughly shortly prior to the masseuse arrival. The better the hygiene, the more intimate the massage, and the masseuse will be able to perform a fuller massage for your greatest delight.

Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage operates a strict policy regarding Client misconduct. We kindly ask ALL CLIENTS, existing and new, to be fully aware of the importance of maintaining a PERFECT RECORD FOR BEHAVIOUR AND HYGIENE to benefit from continued access to our services, as many advanced and bespoke massages are only available to Clients with a good record.


Does Shanghai Tantric Sensual has an in-call facility?

NO. At present, Shanghai Tantric Sensual Tantric Massage only offer an outcall visiting service for hotels and select residential addresses.

Does Shanghai Tantric offer more than a massage?

NO. Although Shanghai Tantric offers a highly sophisticated sensory experience designed to leave you utterly satisfied, Shanghai Tantric Sensual Tantric Massage is not an escort service and do not offer sexual services of any kind. Please read carefully Shanghai Tantric Terms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct.

Can Shanghai Tantric Masseuses be touched and fondled?

To facilitate Chakra connection between the client and the masseuse, respectful, Gentleman-like touching of the masseuse is welcome. However, client must refrain from rough kneading, pinching, picking, or any act of rudeness.

Can a Shanghai Tantric Massage be extended?

YES. Please indicate to the attending Shanghai Tantric Masseuse at any time during the treatment.

Can a Shanghai Tantric Massage be booked for a friend?

NO. Although you can only book a Shanghai Tantric Massage for yourself by calling our hotline, our valet will be delighted to speak to your friend and book a Shanghai Tantric Massage for him or her.

Can a booking time be changed?

YES. Please notify us by phone at least ONE HOUR prior to your booking time to avoid a rescheduling fee of RMB 300.

Is cancellation possible after the masseuse arrival?

YES, within the first 10 minutes of the masseuse arrival. In the unlikely event of such a cancellation, please note a fee of RMB 300 (add RMB 200 for bookings from airport and the New Territories) will apply.

Are there any photos of Shanghai Tantric Masseuses?

NO, photos of Shanghai Tantric Masseuse will not be provided for the protection of their privacy and security. Our valet will provide you with a profile of recommended masseuse over the phone.

Does Shanghai Tantric accept Credit Cards?

NO. At present time, Shanghai Tantric only accept cash payments. Simple. Effective. Discreet.

Does Shanghai Tantric accept foreign currencies?

YES. Shanghai Tantric accepts EURO, British Pounds, US Dollars, Singaporean Dollars, Australian Dollars, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen

To arrange an appointment please contact:

Alternatively you may email us at: or fill in the form below and we will get back to you in 30 minutes.

We provide outcall service at the convenience and privacy of your hotel suite or apartment.

Please arrange your appointment at least 2 hours in advance if you are in down town metro areas, or 3 hours in advance if you are in the airport area

Shanghai Sensual Tantric Massage understands the importance of being discreet for every client. We do not store or share your information with third parties, nor would we ever contact you without your consent. Please rest assured that your privacy is our top priority at all levels. Please also rest assured that all SIX masseuse possess professional demeanor are always in simple, elegant and proper attire when making visits.

shanghai Massage, shanghai full service, shanghai  sex service, shanghai Tantric Massage

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Consultation Telephone: 13914993348 or 13916711819 or text to 15712805785

Wechat: w18431229560


shanghai Massage, shanghai full service, shanghai  sex service, shanghai Tantric Massage

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